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600 Signatures for T-Mobile Workers in One Day!

11.29.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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This is a report from Stephan Heggemann, ver.di activist at Deutsche Telekom in Düsseldorf, Germany, from last week's workers' meeting in Bochum.

Anticipating the general workers' meeting and the related collection of signatures to the petition regarding the MetroPCS merger for our brothers and sisters in the US, we started putting together the ver.di table the night before the meeting and laid out all necessary material.

On November 21, the meeting started, the doors opened and the first bus loads of workers poured into the convention hall. There were coffee and sandwiches and we collected the first signatures. We used every opportunity to collect signatures - before the meeting and during the two breaks.

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MetroPCS merger: CWA urges FCC to Protect US Jobs

11.28.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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CWA press release

WASHINGTON, DC – In comments filed today [November 26, 2012] with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Communications Workers of America (CWA) said the proposed joining of T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS presents the FCC with a golden opportunity to preserve and grow jobs here in the United States, jobs that would otherwise continue to head to foreign shores.

“The FCC should impose specific conditions protecting T-Mobile USA employment,” said CWA Senior Director George Kohl.  “Otherwise, we’re concerned that T-Mobile and MetroPCS’ identified post-merger ‘efficiencies,’ ‘transaction-specific savings’ and ‘network and non-network synergies’ will once again translate to U.S. job losses. The FCC should make this a ‘growth and opportunity merger’ for U.S. workers too.”

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T-Mobile workers support Walmart workers’ historic strike wave!

11.27.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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As was widely reported in national news last week, on Black Friday, a wave of historic protests and strikes hit retail giant and notorious union buster Walmart in more than 1,000 stores across the country. 

Many T-Mobile workers stood in solidarity with Walmart associates as their problems of injustice on the job, retaliation for union activity and fighting for a voice at work have a familiar ring to them. Here's a photo of our great TU activists in Albuquerque showing their support for the historic Walmart strike.

Learn more about Walmart workers making history here: “With Biggest Strike Against Biggest Employer, Walmart Workers Make History Again.” By Josh Eidelson. (The Nation, Nov. 23, 2012)

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Facebook users to T-Mobile: With so many Americans out of work why would you send jobs overseas?

11.27.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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As we reported, our Facebook action on Thanksgiving was a huge success. Thousands of campaign supporters took action and posted a satyrical video highlighting T-Mobile’s hurtful practice of offshoring call center jobs to T-Mobile's Facebook page. Shortly after 10am, the official start of the action, T-Mobile's Facebook page looked something like this:

But 45 minutes later, most of the posts had disappeared and pretty soon thereafter, T-Mobile ended up closing the comments section altogether. Luckily we took a lot of screenshots of the action and saved a lot of great comments that people posted. 

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T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom Facebook pages flooded!

11.23.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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Yesterday, thousands of campaign supporters in the US and in Germany participated in a Facebook protest against Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile. In Germany, supporters changed their profile picture and posted a poem that called on Deutsche Telekom to respect workers' rights at their American subsidiary T-Mobile – and in the US, supporters posted a Thankgsiving themed video highlighting how T-Mobile’s practice of offshoring call center jobs hurts workers and customers.

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