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CWA Fights to Protect Jobs in T-Mobile/MetroPCS Merger

12.19.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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On Monday, CWA asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protect jobs during the approval process for the T-Mobile-MetroPCS merger. “Clearly, many feel that protecting U.S. jobs is in the public interest,” said CWA Senior Director George Kohl. “The FCC should impose specific conditions protecting T-Mobile employment.”

Click here for a copy of the CWA filing and here for a press release.

CWA has been fighting for jobs at T-Mobile since the company began firing workers in fall 2011 and accelerated the downsizing with the closure of 7 call centers in June that displaced more than 3,300 workers. In its FCC filing, CWA notes with concern that MetroPCS currently outsources all of its customer care, billing, payment processing and logistics operations. 

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MetroPCS merger: CWA urges FCC to Protect US Jobs

11.28.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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CWA press release

WASHINGTON, DC – In comments filed today [November 26, 2012] with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Communications Workers of America (CWA) said the proposed joining of T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS presents the FCC with a golden opportunity to preserve and grow jobs here in the United States, jobs that would otherwise continue to head to foreign shores.

“The FCC should impose specific conditions protecting T-Mobile USA employment,” said CWA Senior Director George Kohl.  “Otherwise, we’re concerned that T-Mobile and MetroPCS’ identified post-merger ‘efficiencies,’ ‘transaction-specific savings’ and ‘network and non-network synergies’ will once again translate to U.S. job losses. The FCC should make this a ‘growth and opportunity merger’ for U.S. workers too.”

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Facebook users to T-Mobile: With so many Americans out of work why would you send jobs overseas?

11.27.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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As we reported, our Facebook action on Thanksgiving was a huge success. Thousands of campaign supporters took action and posted a satyrical video highlighting T-Mobile’s hurtful practice of offshoring call center jobs to T-Mobile's Facebook page. Shortly after 10am, the official start of the action, T-Mobile's Facebook page looked something like this:

But 45 minutes later, most of the posts had disappeared and pretty soon thereafter, T-Mobile ended up closing the comments section altogether. Luckily we took a lot of screenshots of the action and saved a lot of great comments that people posted. 

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“T-Mobile: You have other people’s lives in your hands!”

9.12.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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US Companies that only a few years ago pocketed millions in taxpayer dollars to establish local call centers are now off-shoring these call center jobs, leaving those communities devastated once again with job losses and lost financial investments. As you know, this year T-Mobile eliminated 3,300 US call center jobs, shipped the work overseas and left thousands of working families worried about the future. Call centers are a major economic force in the United States, representing about three percent of the U.S. workforce.

Watch and share this video to hear directly from T-Mobile and other companies' call center workers who explain why call center jobs are so important to their families and their communities.

CWA supports legislation that  would protect US consumers and helps level the playing field against companies that off-shore their call center operations overseas. 

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German Media Covers T-Mobile Offshoring

7.23.12 Posted by The Real T-Mobile

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T-Mobile's Lenexa, KS call center, wjhich was closed after the company offshored jobsThree piercing articles have appeared recently in the German press on the topic of offshoring and Trade Adjustment Assistance. The language has been strong - the Department of Labor contradicts T-Mobile, the DoL accuses T-Mobile of lying, T-Mobile is accused of presenting false information to DoL.

This powerful indictment of T-Mobile raises other questions. Why did the company deny the work was offshored? If the company has "long had and does utilize service partners [read outsourcers] both within the U.S. and in other countries, who are they and where are they? Employees and customers want to know.

Finally, Trade Adjustment Assistance can be a powerful tool to help workers transition to new jobs? How did T-Mobile justify the unconscionable denial of offshoring when it knew that such a stance might stand in the way of T-Mobile workers getting the assistance they needed to move on? Luckily, the Department of Labor weighed all the evidence.

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