600 Signatures for T-Mobile Workers in One Day!

This is a report from Stephan Heggemann, ver.di activist at Deutsche Telekom in Düsseldorf, Germany, from last week's workers' meeting in Bochum.

Anticipating the general workers' meeting and the related collection of signatures to the petition regarding the MetroPCS merger for our brothers and sisters in the US, we started putting together the ver.di table the night before the meeting and laid out all necessary material.

Photo: Setting up the table.

On November 21, the meeting started, the doors opened and the first bus loads of workers poured into the convention hall. There were coffee and sandwiches and we collected the first signatures. We used every opportunity to collect signatures - before the meeting and during the two breaks.

Photo: ver.di activist Despina talking to Deutsche Telekom workers about the petition.

We collected signatures in the entire lobby of the convention hall and at our ver.di table.

All in all there were 1,900 workers present and we managed to get 600 signatures from workers from six different workplaces in our district. This is a huge success for us and also for you - our brothers and sisters in the US!

Photo: Kornelia addresses 1,900 Deutsche Telekom workers about the situation at T-Mobile USA.

Photo: Stephan is very happy!

To give you a better idea about how things looked like in Bochum last week, we put together this photo album here.